Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN


What are some of your favorite memories growing up? Are they material items that you had or are they vacations you went on, camps that you went to, sports you played, friends you hung out with, or adventures you had? Were any of your favorite memories spending time in nature, going on hikes, biking, playing at the beach, fishing, tubing, skiing, or just spending time at the lake?


…driving your favorite brand new car off the dealership lot. You are so proud of that car and want to show it off to everyone. Maybe you choose to even post pictures of it and brag about it to everyone you know. But as the years go by and each little scratch, ding, stain, and mileage that gets added, it starts to lose its value. I’m guessing you even start to not care about it quite as much as you once did. Your pride for that car is not at the same level it was when you drove it off the lot, brand new. So, not only did the monetary value go down, but so did the sentimental value.


Now, imagine:

……taking a family vacation at a cabin on a lake. You go fishing, swimming, hiking, sight-seeing, and more. Or maybe you just stay in your cozy little cabin to relax. I am quite certain the vacation was not perfect and there may have been some hard moments. But when you look back on the vacation are those negative things what come to mind? No, you remember the good times playing on the beach, swimming in the water, the kids getting along, teaching your kids how to fish and drive the boat, taking those sunset cruises, the kids’ activities, the campfires, playing games, and just spending quality time with your family. You then realize you wouldn’t trade these memories for anything. For some reason when looking back, even the challenging parts provide some positive emotions, because you worked through them together.

The point is that material things tend to go down in monetary and sentimental value over time whereas experiences tend to go up in sentimental value over time. Memories from certain experiences are priceless and a gift that keeps on giving.


Making memories creates nostalgia, or remembering something from the past and wishing you could experience it again. Studies show that nostalgia had many positive outcomes:

  1. makes us feel happier
  2. gives higher self-esteem
  3. helps us feel closer to loved ones
  4. creates more purpose in life
  5. increases optimism
  6. boosts our mood
  7. reduces stress
  8. helps us feel loved
  9. helps us feel valued

Riverside Resort has been helping families make memories for almost 100 years. It’s tradition, it’s nostalgia, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, and adding sentimental value year after year.

We hope you come vacation with us soon! 🙂


Submitted by: Beth Klinski

Edited by: Kathryn Rupnow

Photo Credit: Riverside Resort