Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

The Tale of Riverside Rabbit

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” -Hebrews 13:16

Jim-and-Jeanette-DeRose     Jim-and-Jeanette-DeRose-Hanging-Out

Jeanette DeRose, the mother of Joe DeRose (current owner of Riverside Resort), was a wonderful women. Jeanette dearly loved Jesus, her family, as well as the guests who came to vacation at Riverside Resort. She and her husband, Jim, owned and managed the resort for 32 delightful years. She loved to spread joy and continually thought of new ways to make this happen. Because of this, she had an idea to create a mascot for the resort. Her vision was to make it come alive, so the guests could interact with it. After much deliberation, a specific animal was chosen. Jeanette wrote the following story to provide background for their new, adoring friend.

The Tale of Riverside RabbitRiverside-Rabbit-dancing-the-bunny-hop-with-resort-guests

Once upon a time, in a land known to many as a “vacationer’s paradise”, a large rabbit was seen wandering in the woods of Central MN. The DeRose family lived in the big white house near these woods. Year after year, vacationers traveled to this ideal Minnesota vacation area. Everyone knew they could count on the DeRose’s at Riverside Resort to provide fun vacation memories for the entire family.



As is the custom at Riverside Resort,

the DeRose’s welcomed this large rabbit to their resort home. They motioned for him to come up out of the woods and presented him with a bunch of carrots. An instant friendship was made…Jim, Jeanette, Jennifer, Jessica, as well as Joseph DeRose felt as though this special guest had been a friend of theirs for year.


When asked who he was, this large rabbit replied that his name was Riverside Rabbit! He explained that he had traveled to vacation areas in many parts of the world. He was searching for the special vacation place which he had been named after. You see, it seems that many years ago his parents had vacationed at a resort. At this resort, people were friendly and the fishing was great. Therefore, only fun vacation memories filled their photo albums. Riverside Rabbit said that this special vacation place was known as Riverside Resort. He asked if his new friends knew how he could get there!




imagine his surprise when the DeRose’s enthusiastically told Riverside Rabbit that he was at Riverside Resort!  Everyone was so excited! To everyone’s delight, the DeRose’s adopted Riverside Rabbit. In 1992 he made the woods of Riverside Resort his permanent home.


Riverside Rabbit makes friends instantly with the guests at Riverside Resort, where he loves to share hugs, as well as, cookies with “kids of all ages”. When Riverside Rabbit is not giving resort children their special coloring contest prizes, passing out cookies, or visiting with resort guests, he may be seen in the woods of Riverside Resort. A vacation home, where he and all of Riverside’s “extended family”, create lasting vacation memories and live happily ever after!






Blog Post by: Kathryn Rupnow