Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Guest Interview #1

“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does.” – Psalm 145:13

We believe with our whole hearts that this is true! God’s kingdom is eternal, He is trustworthy, He is faithful, and His dominion endures through all generations! What great hope that brings. Nothing else endures ALL generations, but some things get pretty close. Like some of our faithful and steadfast guests that have come to Riverside Resort for years and years. Two of those families are the Gilmores and Kruisselbrinks.

Al and Barb Gilmore (left) cherish time with their family and love to cheer on their grandkids at different sporting events. They farm as well as raise beef cows and draft horses. Barb worked in the banking industry for 38 years and just recently retired to help Al on the farm. They have been married almost 43 years.

Jim (Barb’s brother) and Vicki Kruisselbrink (right) also love to spend time with family, as well as take time to travel. Jim is a crop farmer and Vicki is a nursing assistant at an assisted living and care center. They have been married 37 years.

It was a privilege to sit down with these two couples to ask a few questions and talk about their experiences at Riverside Resort.

How did you first learn about Riverside Resort?

                 Barb – “Our mother wanted to spend a week together as a family at the lake. We have siblings that live far away from each other and she (mom) wanted all the cousins to get to know one another. A family from our home church had come to the resort and highly recommended it. Not only did they recommend the resort, but they also recommended Jim and Jeanette DeRose (the owners at that time). Mom made a reservation for the first week and we have come every year since. We have always had to get multiple cabins in order to house all the family that comes.”

Barb and 2 of her granddaughters

How long have you and your family been coming here?

               Vicki – “The first year we came was 1997, and have been coming every year since.” That’s 21 straight years!

This picture was taken of the two families at Riverside Resort in 1998.

Why do you keep coming back?

               Jim – “We keep coming back because everyone enjoys it. We always do the same week so everyone can plan it from year to year. We also continue coming so that we can hang out with our family and get to know them better. The kids love it and sometimes it is the only time we all see each other the whole year.”

              Barb – “It is a family friendly place, and we feel very safe. It is fun to just sit, relax, and visit with one another.”

              Jim – “Vicki and I live only 15 minutes away from Al and Barb but we really never hang out. The Resort is far enough away from home that we feel we are really on vacation and are free to have uninterrupted time with them.”

Jim and Vicki enjoying the minnow races!

What are your favorite activities at Riverside Resort?

              Al – ” I like to nap. I also like the water and the outdoors, I am comfortable here.”

             Barb – “Our mother was deathly afraid of water. None of us (Barb, Jim, or their siblings) knew how to swim. As children, we never went to the lake or went boating or anything. Once we started coming to Riverside that changed. Now all of our kids know how to swim and they love the water. We (Jim and Barb) like to sit up on the shore and watch everyone swim and have fun.”

              Vicki – “The Sunday morning church service is my favorite activity at Riverside. In addition, Barb and I like to read here because it is so nice and quiet. I have also liked the addition of the movie night the last few years.”

Al and the kids playing bean bags

What is your favorite Riverside Resort Memory?

               Vicki – “My favorite memory is family game night with Barb and Jim’s mom and dad. We would all squeeze into one cabin and just play games together. We would stay up late into the night just enjoying being with one another.”

How would you describe Riverside Resort to someone who has not heard of it?

               Vicki – “I would say it is very family orientated and quiet. We so appreciate the DeRose family, their Christian values, and their hospitality.”

               Jim – “Yes I agree, they (the DeRose family) are part of our family now too.”

Some of the grandkids with Riverside Rabbit

Confession time, do you or do you not participate in the bunny hop when Riverside Rabbit comes to visit?

               Al – “Yes, we all have, but not each year. When our grandkids were little we would do it with them. Now they are old enough that we can just watch and enjoy them having fun.”

The couples enjoying a pontoon adventure with Jim DeRose (the previous owner)