Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Cottage Journal Volume 6

“We started our fourth year today at the relaxing Riverside Resort. The DeRose’s are the most gracious hosts we’ve ever met over the years of vacationing. Weather was great and the fish were biting right off the dock. The kids had a great time fishing, swimming, tubing, and jet-skiing. Hope your stay here will be as wonderful as ours.” Tom & Julie, Minneapolis, MN .Cottage # 10

“We came by plane over the big Atlantic from Germany to Minnesota. The hospitality that people gave to us was unforgettable. We were welcomed as family members and joined the family. Thanks very much for all the efforts you’ve done. It was wonderful to meet you. Many things will keep in mind as special memories. Good-by and you are welcome to come to Germany.” Heinz & Hanna, Hude, Germany. Cottage # 15

“Well, it is now our 23rd year here! Our whole family has 10 cabins out of the 16 they have here. The weather was so beautiful all week and the fish were biting -we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks to Jim, Jeanette, and family for once again a wonderful year (too bad it goes so fast!)” Fred & Donna, Shakopee, MN. Cottage # 8

“This is the third year we have spent our vacation at Riverside. From the time we leave until we come back it seems that’s all the kids talk about. We had a great week. The fishing was good and so was the swimming. This cabin has such a great view. As always, the resort is clean and well-kept. All the little extras really mean a lot.” Duane & Sherry, Winthrop, MN .Cottage # 3

“Well, as a cabin dweller you have discovered that Cabin 9 is the tranquil spot! The DeRose family has been fantastic, consummate hosts. The emphasis on kids has been so much fun. We’ve done bunny hops, coloring contests, frog hunting, and bug collecting as well as the mandatory beaching. It has been a pleasure watching the customer service excellence that the DeRose’s have to offer! Eric & Kathy, Lanesboro, MN. Cottage # 9

“Our brother discovered this jewel resort last summer. He organized a brother-sister reunion this year and five out of six were able to come, including most of the kids. We came from Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois. It was truly superb! The DeRose family has a special blessed ministry here. We definitely felt ‘close to home’ at Riverside.” Bob & Cathy, Sagle, ND. Cottage # 12

” As the sun sets and the full moon rises over Riverside Resort, a bittersweet feeling comes over me. Yes, it’s time to go home -to work and to reality -but the memories here will last a lifetime. When summer closes into fall and I’m pulling up the last petunias in my garden, once again I’ll be dreaming of next summer when we can return to Riverside. Thank you for offering a place where dreams are fulfilled.” Roger & Janice, Minneapolis, MN .Cottage # 4

“We had a family reunion with folks coming from Washington, New York, New Hampshire, Kansas, Wisconsin and all parts of Minnesota. Many remarked, ‘This is a wonderful place you picked. These folks are so gracious and caring. Your love for Christ shows through your business.” Donna, Litchfield, MN. Cottage # 14