Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Cottage Journal Volume 5

“This was our big family vacation of the summer, and as I sit here writing, the night before we head home, may I say – we’ve had a great time! Our family turned our fishing into a( catch-and-release ) fishing competition. We were able to make use of the water bikes also -and tubes and plenty of swimming. The DeRose’s are very nice and caring people and I can’t imagine the time and dedication they truly give for others! We made many new family memories this week and you can be sure we will let others know what a wonderful place this is!” Roger & Tracy, St. Cloud, MN. Cottage # 3

“My husband and I started going together up here. My dad, Bill Brinckerhoff, also played Cupid to Don’s sister, Marilyn, and Richard (another long time regular.) They married, had 4 kids and 7 grandkids. We married, had 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Must be something in this Minnesota air. We have had some really great times here with all the ‘every year regulars’. Jeanette and Jim, you are every bit as hospitable as your parents (they would be proud).” Don & Nyla, Torrance, CA. Cottage # 8

“We are having our family vacation at Riverside Resort for the 7th year .We have cabins with all our 5 children and spouses and soon 23 grandchildren. It’s wonderful. The children really enjoy the water sports. Most of them love the fishing. The women go for dinner and shopping one day and some enjoy golf a couple of days. This year Grandpa had meditation on Joshua 1:9 and Timothy 1:7. Grandma shared on Proverbs 18:10. What a wonderful week. What a blessing!” Harold & Harriet, Peterson, MN. Cottage # 15

“The cabin is all packed up and we are ready to go. Each year here seems to go faster than the previous. Last year it was Jackie who caught the 4lb. 4 oz. fish at the age of 5. This year is was Casey’s (3) turn to catch the big one. The smile on her precious face when she held up her catch for the picture is priceless. Our children are only young once and now is the time to create the memories for a lifetime.” Art & Wendy, Glen Ellyn, IL. Cottage # 12

“Someone has come up from Omaha from our family for over 40 years. It has changed over the years, but the Kurtz and DeRose families have never changed how great they run their business. Everything is always perfect. They are the nicest hosts anyone could ever want and they make sure everyone has an ‘awesome’ visit. We appreciate them very much and we realize how hard they work to make our vacation super.” Walt & Connie, Omaha, NE. Cottage # 9

“We visited for the first time. We soon became known here, as we are known most places, as the family with 8 children. We all enjoyed the terrific (gospel) quartet Sunday morning and the resort picnic afterwards. We knew we wanted to spend a week in Minnesota and had material from the Office of Tourism as well as the internet. The Sunday a.m. service at Riverside caught my eye, but the warmth and personal attention I received over the phone drew me to this place. It wasn’t long after we arrived that everyone else applauded the decision. Thanks so much to the DeRose family for making our vacation so memorable!” Rob & Betty, Shelbyville, IN. Cottage # 10