Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Cottage Journal Volume 4

“How fitting -our 3rd year at Riverside landed us in Cabin # 3! Our favorite so far! In these turbulent world times it is so comforting to be embraced by the truly hallowed grounds of Riverside Resort.” Ed & Carole, San Clemente, CA. Cottage # 3

“I’m 12 years old. Every year my mom’s side of the family comes up here and gets 4 cabins. I like the candy store, the park, and swimming in the lake. It is so much fun to play volleyball and eat s’mores on Monday night.” Kathryn, Vadnais Hts., MN. Cottage #8

“This is our first stay at Riverside Resort. We are pleased indeed. Accommodations are great, but what most matters is the hospitality. Not only do the DeRose’s make one feel right at home, but the other guests as well. One really does feel a sense of ‘family’ here. As the week comes to a close I feel a sadness that it’s over, but I can’t wait until next year! The memories will be with us forever.” John & Sandy, Harrisburg, SD. Cottage # 13

“We have had a wonderful vacation here at Riverside Resort. We were impressed with the beauty of the area, the view of the lake, the immaculate cabin, and our wonderful hosts, Jim and Jeanette DeRose. Our stay was capped off with a great fireworks show on the 4th (of July). My kids have fallen in love with Minnesota.” Joel & Cindy, Rocklin, CA Cottage # 5

“This is our 3rd year at Riverside Resort. We love it here and feel we’ve found a home. The owners are so friendly, so eager to please, and everything is clean and nice. As life is so busy today, pulling us in many directions, this time is so valuable to help us get reacquainted, especially with the younger generation.” Larry & Lenice, Lakeville, MN. Cottage # 1

“Our home base was Cabin # 2 at Riverside Resort. The cabin and entire resort is perfect. Jim and Jeanette run a first-class operation that we found on the World Wide Web. The get-acquainted night was great -made ‘smores and played volleyball. This resort is like a place time forgot. It is so restful and relaxing. We will be back next year.” Bill & Jan, Cedar Rapids, lA. Cottage # 2

“We have nothing but good times at Riverside every year we come (5 or 6 years now. ) This year we met new friends (staying at the resort) from Paris, England, California, and again old friends from Minnesota. Every day was sunshine in the 8O’s & 9O’s this year. Did the DeRose’s plan this too?” Olaf & Marcia, Sioux Falls, SD. Cottage # 11

“It’s been a terrific week of many peaceful moments (no clocks & no ‘phones -yeah!), relaxing in the early morning hours on the dock or on the deck, hearing loons and mallards, and fish jumping in the lake. It’s also been a time of fun in and out of the water -fishing, pontooning, tubing, swimming, and skiing, as well as a time of meeting new friends here at the resort. We leave refreshed and with many good memories of our week at the lake.” Tom & Carol, Haxtun, CO. Cottage #5