Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

7 ways to use a splash mat

“But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:14

God provides both “living water”, which sustains the soul forever; and also “physical water”, which quenches thirst for a period of time. But it is such a wonderful gift! Water sustains us, it cleanses us, it purifies us, and it is super fun to play in. 🙂 One of the very popular attractions at our beach swimming area is the splash mat. People of all ages play on it and they continue to create new and exciting ways to use it. Here are a few that we have seen!


1. Relax

Who doesn’t love to just be at the beach and relax? The splash mat can be a perfect place to just chill because you do not have to worry about getting sand all over your body and you can just move smoothly with the waves. Warning: If relaxing is your goal, you will have to be a little strategic in your timing to avoid the SPLASH that typically comes with being on a splashmat.  


2. Slide

This encourages taking turns and seeing who can slide all the way off the mat. It is sometimes difficult to start running because the mat can be slippery, however that just adds to the fun and challenge of it all.


3. Jump

Jumping is an age-old activity, that almost always seems to produce both smiles and laughter. If you get a group of people to all jump on the mat at the same time, you can get some good waves going. Not only is this fun for people on the mat, but others on shore will get to practice some wave jumping as well. 🙂


4. Dance

When someone has got the music inside them, it just simply cannot be contained. It doesn’t matter if you are walking down the street, hanging out in your own bedroom, or playing on a splash mat. When you feel the movement of the water, it sometimes just takes over and the dancing begins.


5. Play Football

I suppose many sports could be adapted to play on the splash mat, but this summer there was a group of guys playing football on it. It makes sense: there is ample room to throw the ball and to avoid a tackle you can jump safely into the water. How points were scored is still a bit of a mystery, but that did not seem to matter much. When you try it, you and your group can create your own rules. 🙂


6. Push people off (with their permission of course)

Why is pushing people into the water so tempting and satisfying? I do not have the answer, but I do know the feeling. Before this activity starts, it is important to make sure that everyone is on board with participating. However, we all know the universal rule: if you push others, you are giving permission for others to push you.


7. Share it with the ducks

That’s right. The ducks love the splash mat too! Typically you can find them there in the early morning hours because it is more peaceful and they have the swimming area all to themselves.


When you visit Riverside Resort make sure to try all these different ways of using the splash mat and see if you can come up with others as well. We would LOVE to hear about them!