Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

6 Spring Cleaning “Must-do’s”

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

As the weather starts getting nicer, it reminds us of the new, fresh beginnings God gifts us each year. This is also the time to “Wipe away the Winter” with some major spring cleaning. Sometimes it is hard to get started, but it is SO worth it and once you are finished your home will feel fresh and new!

1. Windows

Clean, clear windows make any room feel lighter and cleaner simply by letting more light in. Also, the more natural light you get, the less electricity you use! Take advantage of the warmer weather by opening your windows to clean both the inside and outside of them.

2. Ceiling fans

Have you ever turned your ceiling fan on after a long winter and gotten rained on by dust? Let me tell you, this is not a pleasant experience. It doesn’t mean your house is dirty, it means that you have not used your ceiling fans in 6 months and, frankly, you have forgotten about them. To avoid a dust shower, wipe all areas of the blades and fixtures. Once this is done, you can have assurance that they will be all set to go when the hot nights roll around. 

3. Fridge/Freezer

These are such important places to keep clean because this is where a lot of our food is stored. It does, however, take more forethought and planning, because the emptier the space the easier it is to clean. There are so many styles and models, but to be most efficient and thorough, be sure to take out all drawers and shelves.

4. Couches/Dressers/Beds

Do you know how many coins, legos, pieces of jewelry, and other small items get lost behind or under large pieces of furniture? Well, if you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s time to find out! Go room by room in your house and move each piece of large furniture. After picking up all the long lost treasures, you can vacuum the area and either put the furniture back or take the opportunity to rearrange the room. Perhaps by the time you reach the last room, you will have found enough money to order yourself some much deserved dinner! 🙂

5. Gutters

Give the exterior of your home a fast face lift by removing leaves and debris from your gutters before they start to sprout seedlings. Regular maintenance of this out-of-sight area helps prevent rotting and water damage to your house. Use a ladder, bucket, and some gloves to remove the soggy debris.

6. Vehicles

Sometimes we spend just as much time in our vehicles as we do in our homes, but we do not clean them quite as frequently. Take some time to go through your vehicles and remove all the garbage and unnecessary items. Then you can vacuum all the floors, car mats, and seats in the vehicle. The next step is to take a look at the state of the insides of the windows. Maybe they could use a quick washing as well. Lastly, don’t forget to replace your cabin air filter so that the interior air of your car stays clean and fresh all year long.