Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

6 Benefits of Being in the Outdoors

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” – Genesis 1:1



We know that God created everything from nothing. In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, it tells us that God first created the heavens and earth and then in the next 5 days He created everything else such as light, darkness, plants, animals, sea creatures, man, etc. He made everything perfectly and with a purpose. We continue to see evidence of this as we learn how important it is to be in nature and take in everything the outdoors has to offer. It is the best because God created it to be the best! 

At Riverside Resort there are so many opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy countless activities in the outdoors. There are numerous benefits of being in the outdoors. In this blog, we will discuss just a few. 


1. Being outside boosts your energy

The fresh air and sunshine you get outside gives your body a natural boost of energy. Sitting inside all day long and participating in sedentary activities causes your body to feel sluggish and tired. Even just spending a few minutes a day outside will do wonders for your energy level. Just imagine how much energy you will have if you spend an entire day outside! Yes, this is unreasonable for most of the year, but when you come to Riverside Resort you will have the opportunity to do just that! You will have no need for coffee, but you are definitely welcome to enjoy it anyway. 🙂


2. The outdoors boosts your immune system

Being inside in the stuffy air that circulates from person to person is not wonderful for your health. Sunlight, which gives you Vitamin D, is good for your immune system. It also seems to energize special cells in your immune system, called T cells. T cells help your body fight infection. Many plants put substances, such as phytoncides, into the air that seem to boost immune function as well. 


3. The outdoors provides free aromatherapy

Are you an essential oils person? Do you enjoy lighting candles all around your house? Or perhaps you prefer to use simple air fresheners. What if I told you there was a free aromatherapy option. That’s right, you guessed it, just walk out your front door. You will immediately be greeted by wonderful, fresh smells from all around. Perhaps you have a lilac bush nearby or you are smelling the aroma of freshly cut grass. Regardless of your surroundings, your nose will be working non-stop.


4. Being outdoors helps reduce stress levels

Have you ever had a crazy day, where everything seemed to go wrong or you just did not have enough time to get everything done? I think we all have had days like that. In those times, have you ever taken a few moments to walk outside and just be in nature? If so, you will have found that your stress level immediately drops. You can simply be still and listen to all the sounds, smell all the aromas, and see all the beauty around you. This allows your brain to reset and remember what is really important in life.


5. Being outside leads to more activity

We have a problem in our society with obesity and poor health. We, as a nation, can help restore our health by making a point to go outside on a regular basis. Sure, a person can go outside and just sit, however a person is more apt to be active if they are outside. Just going for a stroll around the block or planting flowers by the front stoop are great ways to be active. At Riverside Resort, we have countless ways to do just that. You can swim, fish, canoe, paddleboard, play disc golf, or just take a walk around the resort to name a few.


6. Being outside leads to better sleep

Being outdoors definitely helps set your sleep cycle. There are particular cells in your eyes that need enough light to get your body’s internal clock working right. The best light to help with your sleep is early morning sunlight. Researchers have found that this may be more important as you age because your eyes are less able to absorb light. However, if someone gets in a good habit of spending time outside on a regular basis, by the time they are older it will already be a pattern. 



As you can see, there are so many health and wellness benefits from being outside. You and your family should come to Riverside Resort and take advantage of these benefits. We are open each year from April – October. We hope to see you there!