Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN


Many Americans, especially Minnesotans, look for ways to live their lives a bit differently so they can be better to the environment. These same people, including you I assume :), love to take vacations with their families. You can put these two things together by looking for and planning a vacation that allows you to be more eco-friendly. What better place to do these things than at a Minnesota Resort, especially Riverside Resort! Here are some practical ways to help you start!



Share the ride:

Drive to the Resort with as few cars as possible. Don’t take 3 cars if you can fit into 1 or 2. It might cause you to be a little tighter on the drive, but I think we can all agree we typically take more than we need on vacations anyway. No room for groceries? Simply, bring enough for the first day and take a quick trip to town the next day to get what you need for your stay. No room for lifejackets or your canoe? Contact the resort owners and ask them what they already have available at the resort for you to use.

Bring reusable bags:

Reduce, reuse and recycle. This works while on vacation too. Bring your reusable bags with you when you do your shopping. It is easy to think that you can use one-use plastic bags while on vacation. And you certainly can. It is easy. But it may be just as easy to pack your reusable bags too. They fold up small and should fit in the car nicely.

Drink the local water:

Depending on the location of the Minnesota Resort, they may have well water. Well water is safe and is generally tested annually for all licensed Minnesota Resorts. But, because it is well water, it may have a different taste than what you are familiar with at home or work. If you aren’t liking the taste of well water, then bring a filter and filter the water from the tap. Try to reduce the use of single use water bottles.

Use the resort dishes:

For some it may seem easier to bring paper plates and plastic silverware for vacation at the lake. It is more eco-friendly, however, to use re-usable dishes. This is very easy because Riverside Resort has dishes provided in the cabin. Yes, paper may be convenient at times. But think about taking a couple extra minutes to wash up the reusable ones.


Stay closer to home:

There are so many resorts in Minnesota. If you are from MN (or somewhere close) you don’t have to fly to have an awesome vacation. We have many owner-operated Minnesota resorts to choose from. Take a more eco-friendly vacation closer to home. Enjoy the amenities at the resort or in the area. There is no need to travel far for that either.

Written by: Karen Senger, resort owner for 17 years

Edited by: Kathryn Rupnow, Social Media Specialist, Riverside Resort

Pictures by: Riverside Resort