Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

2019 Season Highlights

“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.” – Psalm 9:1


Our hearts are once again filled with joy and gratitude as we look back on our wonderful, busy season. We know that the Lord is in control of all things and He has once again richly blessed our season. We wanted to share with you some of the memories that stand out to us as we reflect back over the last 5 months.

Fishing with Joe was a hit!

Every Tuesday morning, Joe woke up with a smile on his face knowing what was to come. At 8:00am, he made his way down to the main dock with all of his fishing gear in hand. This is where all the resort kids, as well as some parents, gathered to catch fish. Joe would give helpful advice and suggestions on best technique to entice the fish to nibble at their bait. It was not uncommon for Joe to have 4 or more poles in his face needing assistance. 🙂 As a result, the fish were caught in abundance and the smiles were priceless.

Everybody loved Gaga Ball, or is it Octoball?

We are continually adding new features, as well as fun activities for our resort guests. This year one of those additions was a Gaga Ball pit. This game was a hit all summer long. Boys played, girls played, children played, and yes, even adults found themselves in this octagon shaped pit slappin’ the ball into their opponents. If you have never given it a try, we highly recommend it! 🙂

July 4th fireworks are always a favorite

Whether you are sitting in a lawn chair on the grass, a towel on our beach, or hanging out in the water on a boat; the fireworks show does not disappoint. We start the crowd off with a few small warm-up fireworks, just to wet their whistle. 🙂 Then before you know it, huge booms as well as oohs and aahs are heard in all directions. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of attending fireworks at Riverside Resort, we invite you to join us!

Our newest Cabin #20 was a hit!

Last fall, we purchased a wonderful, cozy, 2 bedroom cabin. This cabin quickly became a guest favorite and this summer it was one of our most rented cabins. Throughout the season we heard about how people really enjoyed the privacy and secluded feel this cabin offers. We are so pleased with the positive response to this new cabin and are excited for other families to experience it in years to come.Riverside Resort | Cabin 20 | Restful Retreat

Riverside Resort | Cabin 20 | Restful Retreat

Riverside Resort | Cabin 20 | Restful Retreat

Riverside Resort | Cabin 20 | Restful Retreat

Riverside Resort | Cabin 20 | Restful Retreat

Visits from Jeremy, the fishing guide

If our guests were having trouble catching fish or maybe, catching a certain type of fish, all they had to do was join Jeremy on Monday nights in our game room. Jeremy is a local fishing guide who knows the in’s and out’s (and up’s and down’s) of the Horseshoe Chain of lakes. He knows the best spots to fish, the best time to fish them, as well as, the best bait to catch your desired fish. Many found success this summer after spending a short time with Jeremy. We are so thankful for the expertise and knowledge he shared with us and our guests.

Our church services

This is always a highlight for us. We love to worship the Lord with our resort guests as well as anyone else who would like to join us. Throughout the summer, we have such wonderful people that come share their talents and love of Jesus with us. We are filled up and encouraged by people’s stories. As a result, it energizes us to keep living for and serving the Lord in all we do.

Our guests make the summer great!

Without trying to brag or sound prideful, we have, hands down, the best resort guests!! 🙂 Each season we get to see families who have been coming to the resort for many many years. We are always amazed how fast the time goes between their yearly visits. Because of this, it is so easy to pick up right where we left off the year before. We also have the blessing of meeting new people each year who are coming to our resort for the first time. It is such an honor and blessing to be able to spend time with and serve each and every guest who chooses Riverside Resort throughout the summer. 

On a personal note…

This summer was a great one for our family. At the end of the summer, Christina’s youngest sister, Laura, got married. It was a wonderful time of celebration and time spent with extended family. In addition, Christina’s brother and his family from Japan were able to join us. This meant we were finally able to meet our niece and nephew! Because they live so far away, it is very seldom and extremely special when we are able to spend time with them. 


Our 2019 season was definitely one for the books and we are thankful for it. We thank the Lord for being in control and always being trustworthy. We thank our guests for their loyalty, trust, as well as the joy they bring each time they visit. See you all again next season! 🙂