Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

“Winter” at Riverside Resort

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1


Minnesota living means beautiful, sun-filled summers and cold, sparkly winters. We love the changing of seasons. The different seasons help us to appreciate the types of precipitation, the array of colors, each ray of light, and every flower that buds throughout the year. We have such a creative and artistic Creator, who fashions each season to His perfect and unique specifications. Although we, at Riverside Resort, hold the summer near and dear to our hearts, we so appreciate the other seasons we are given. Winter, especially, looks much different for our family and for the resort than any other season of the year.


This road leads from the water front up to the main house of the resort. During the summer months it is a bustle of people going to and from the lake. When the snow covers the ground, our boys use this road to go play hockey on the lake, or if they just want to slide around. The lake is so beautiful after a fresh, new snowfall.


If these pictures were taken in the summer, the camera would be getting wet! 🙂 When the lake is completely frozen over, we enjoy to walk on the very same water which welcomes so much traffic in the warmer months. As we walk on the lake, we look at the now empty cabins as they anxiously await the guests they will soon host. While these cabins rest, it is the perfect time to pray for and think about all the past and future guests.


Everything looks different when the lake is frozen over and snow is on the ground. This picture is taken in the bay, in front of cabins 18 and 19. This is where we set up our family hockey rink for the winter. We feel so blessed to have this amazing space that is so multi-functional all year round! Our kids love using this space to practice their hockey skills!


During the winter months many of our seasonal guests choose to leave their campers at the Resort. We are thankful for all the people who stay in those campers during the summer months. Having the campers stay year round, is a constant reminder of all the great friendships and memories we share with these wonderful people.


When snow covers the playground area it is definitely bitter-sweet. Our children very much enjoy all the friends and family they share these pieces of equipment with, but when the snow comes they have it all to themselves. We feel so blessed to be able to raise our family in a place with so much versatility.

God gives us many seasons: seasons of rejuvenation, seasons of business, seasons of trial, seasons of joy, and so many more. God wants us to embrace and treasure each season of our lives. He has given them to us on purpose as a part of His perfect plan!