Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

6 Fall Family Festivities

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” – Psalm 24:1

Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors and start to prepare for the long winter ahead. Below are a few ideas for you and your family to consider during this brisk change of seasons!

1. Apple Orchards

Going to an apple orchard in the fall is a MUST! Each orchard is a bit different but usually you can find some delicious caramel apples or apple cider to enjoy with the whole family. The closest orchard to Riverside resort is Hidden Cove Orchard in Cold Spring. This orchard is open Thursdays – Sundays and has a great selection of apples. Another great orchard option in the area is the Collegeville Orchard. This orchard is open 7 days a week and is located in St. Joe’s, Minnesota. Unfortunately, there are not many orchards that allow you to pick your own apples anymore, but no matter how you get the apples, they are sure not to disappoint.

2. Corn Mazes

Have you ever wanted to find yourself in a field full of corn and not know which direction to go? Well, let me tell you…it is a blast! This exciting activity is great for the whole family to do together; or, if your family is more the competitive type, you could take turns going through the maze to see who can make it through the fastest. There is a corn maze located only 30 short miles away from the Riverside Resort at Nelson Farm.  Nelson Farm, located in Litchfield, MN, is open on Saturdays and Sundays. It is only open until the end of October so check it out now!

3. Hayrides

As the evenings are getting darker, a hayride is a great way to snuggle up with the family and relax. It can be tough to find a place to have a hayride, but that is where it helps to have friends or family that farm. All you need is a tractor, trailer, some hay bales, land to explore, and a willing driver…ta-da you got yourself a hayride! It could take some coordinating, but it is totally worth it! If you are like us and do not have any farming friends feel free to check out Nelson Farm or Collegeville Orchards, they have wagon rides which can be just as fun!

4. Hiking

We love hiking in all seasons, but when those leaves turn bright, beautiful colors and the air is crisp; you can hardly keep us indoors. This is a great time to reflect upon the amazing God of the universe and His creative and artistic nature. One of our favorite places to hike is Quarry Park and Nature Preserve in St. Cloud,MN. The trails are great for all ages and the scenery is beautiful.

5. Pumpkins

What would autumn be without the some serious pumpkin activity? There is much fun to be had with pumpkins; from picking your own, to carving them, to cooking up the pumpkin seeds. I always pray for warm weather on the days we carve our pumpkins, because it is much less stressful letting the family get messy outside rather than trying to carve them in the kitchen. 🙂 There are many places around Riverside Resort to grab a great pumpkin like Collegeville Orchard and Nelson Farm. Another fun stop to pick up a pumpkin is in Eden Valley at the A maze’n Farmyard.

Here are a few pictures of our family checking out the pumpkins at Collegeville Orchard:


6. Working together

Having fun does not always need to take place away from home or even away from “work”. Spend some time as a family this fall working as a team and making projects fun. It sounds cliche, but raking leaves into a pile and allowing time for kids to jump in it is a timeless and no cost activity. If you do not have any leaves of your own to rake, feel free to head on over to Riverside Resort, there are more than enough to go around. 🙂